Individual Care

Personalized Addiction Treatment Programs

Just as each individual is unique, each person’s substance abuse problem is different, and therefore no single treatment approach works best for everyone. We work closely and cooperatively with each client to develop a treatment plan that meets his or her individual needs. Our integrative approach blends together today’s most effective treatment strategies with long standing, evidenced-based techniques to help our clients achieve a lasting recovery.

The hallmarks of our approach are integrative and personalized care delivered by an expert team of addiction treatment professionals. Our detox and intensive outpatient programs provide the structure, support, and counseling needed to stop using alcohol and drugs and prevent future relapse.

How is Summit Different?

Addiction Treatment

A Flexible, Client Focused Approach

  • Comprehensive Assessment Services
  • Customized Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction
  • Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, etc.
  • Treatment Programs for Adults and Adolescents
  • Detox and Outpatient Treatment Centers
  • An Integrative Approach that Addresses Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Needs
  • Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Treatment Programs
  • Most Private Insurance Plans Accepted
  • 5 Convenient Locations

Addiction Treatment

Today is Yours — Call Now

Getting Started

Your New Life Awaits

We understand that substance abuse can take a toll on you and your entire family. We want to make getting started as easy and comfortable as possible.

The process here is simple. When you call you will be speaking with a drug and alcohol counselor who can help you better understand your options and guide you through the process.

When you arrive at our facility an intake counselor will meet with you to discuss your current situation and discuss what you can expect during treatment. We then, together, develop a personalized treatment program that meets your specific needs. Some clients will enter into a detox program and some will only need our outpatient treatment services.

No matter what your treatment program includes, we will ensure you are safe and treatment and care extends as long as you need the help.

Getting Started